We have all seen staff tripping over each other on the job or racing around trying to keep their heads above water. While having a crystal ball to forecast the perfect schedule would undoubtedly help prevent these scenarios, we have the next best thing – Time Data Systems Advanced Scheduling! Ensuring the right staff coverage and controlling labor costs is achievable with this solution. Planning when and how employees work is a critical step in efficient daily operations of every successful business. Having a firm understanding of your labor needs allows you to schedule the right people for the job.

Our Advanced Scheduling solution is a win-win. When employees know their work hours, their responsibilities, and their workplace location (in the case of external employees), their productivity is maximized. And when an employee is absent, using Advanced Scheduling makes locating a replacement worker to fill the hours a simple process.

Top Features and Capabilities of the Advanced Scheduling Solution:

  • Intuitive Planning
  • Comprehensive Scheduling
  • Clear Shift Management
  • Right-fit Skill Management
  • Staff Optimization
  • Workforce Insights
  • Candidate Targets
  • Future Forecasting
  • Absence Fulfillment
  • Fair Scheduling Compliance
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You hired the right people for the job and their talents are a force to be reckoned with! Through enhanced communication capabilities, the Advanced Scheduling solution increases engagement by empowering these employees to maintain their timekeeping. At the same time, this solution tracks and reduces compliance risks by ensuring accurate worked time, and accrual and schedule calculations. Also, valuable workforce data collected through Advanced Scheduling allows responsible planning for future endeavors.

Let your team play an active role in time management. By using Time Data Systems Advanced Scheduling, employees are given the tools to manage their workload simply, with just a few clicks.

  • Ensures Involvement – Allows employees to pick, fill and swap schedules on their mobile device
  • Helps Pre-Plan – Incorporates leave request management
  • Creates Proactivity – Employees define their availability for picking up shifts
  • Promotes Communication – Ensures that all available and qualified employees are made aware of open shifts
  • Encourages Collaboration – Employees can swap shifts
  • Gives a Clear Picture of Availability – Maintains work distance preferences

In addition, a schedule’s properties can be tied to data from other systems – Check-ins, Check-Outs, Patient Census and Acuity, and Production Schedules.

Time Data Systems, a family-owned business, is pleased to offer our Advanced Scheduling solution. For decades, the unique and individual requirements of your business have been met with our cost-effective solutions. Our tradition of unparalleled implementation, training, and support services began in 1988, and we are proud to offer this next step in the evolution of time management.