Simplifying Workforce Management
Simplifying Workforce Management

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28 03, 2022

Time Data Systems – March 2022 Newsletter


It is our responsibility – as business owners and managers, and especially those of us in the marketing discipline – to offer our customers what they need. Sometimes, however, we get caught up in our own ‘worlds’ and we think we know what our customers want, or worse yet, we think we know what’s best for them.

Time Data Systems – March 2022 Newsletter2022-03-29T05:50:05-07:00
24 01, 2022

Time Data Systems – January 2022 Newsletter


To our customers, and employee and vendors partners, who made 2021 a great success – We thank you. It is because of you that 2021 was a great year for Time Data Systems. We could never have overcome the challenges of the past year without your invaluable contributions and support.

Time Data Systems – January 2022 Newsletter2022-01-24T12:37:23-07:00
21 10, 2021

Time Data Systems – October 2021 Newsletter


In last month’s newsletter, we had an article about Modernizing HR with Newer, Smarter Technology, which was part 2 of our series on 2022 HR trends and predictions to prepare for now. This month, we continue to delve into the subject with more information focusing on the shift toward data-powered human resource departments.

Time Data Systems – October 2021 Newsletter2021-10-21T06:34:54-07:00
19 08, 2021

Time Data Systems – August 2021 Newsletter


Does your timekeeping, payroll, and HR provider keep your systems up to date on compliance? Regulations are evolving and changes are happening, especially because of the new administration in Washington D.C, It’s important to know that the changes are not just because of COVID-19.

Time Data Systems – August 2021 Newsletter2021-08-24T08:01:48-07:00
20 07, 2021

Time Data Systems – July 2021 Newsletter


It’s a truism in the world of payroll and HR that we are the folks that are already thinking about this coming January 1st in July. Now is the time for us to be looking at changes in the payroll and HR environment, and consider vendors that can make 2022 better for your employees and your bottom line.

Time Data Systems – July 2021 Newsletter2021-07-21T07:02:03-07:00
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