As an educational system administrator, you know that teacher effectiveness and professional development allocation have a direct impact on students, your schools, and district or institution budgets. It’s a daily occurrence to make sure classes are covered by substitutes when teachers or professors call out sick or have a family emergency, and this is only one staffing concern encountered throughout the day, and like the others, happens at each school location under your purview. A robust workforce management solution like what Time Data Systems offers can help simplify this vital part of administration. Tools that simplify data collection, minimize compliance risk, meet student-teacher ratio requirements, improve visibility and make it easier to glean information into time and labor data so you can focus on academic progress, increasing educational productivity, and avoiding disruptive gaps in classroom coverage are vital.

Our solution features district-wide, real-time notifications – even through our mobile app – of unplanned absences, easier management of intricate employee time and attendance policies (which in turn brings to light attendance trends, therefore clearly showing impartially and consistently when formal disciplinary action is warranted), and tracking of certifications and licenses with automated alerts of upcoming expiration dates. Your costs and potential savings measures will become clearer, including absenteeism-related and overtime expenses. Time Data Systems’ workforce management solutions bring all these benefits to your district or educational institution, as well as increase employee engagement and retention rates that positively influence student outcomes.

Our Top Solutions for Your Educational Institution Include:

  • Meet student-teacher ratio requirements and avoid gaps in classroom coverage through real-time notifications of unplanned absences.
  • Minimize compliance risk while managing complex district-wide employee time and attendance policies across multiple locations with one system.
  • Reduce the cost of absenteeism through automated workflows that identify trends in attendance policy and trigger consistent and impartial notification of formal disciplinary action.
  • Put insights about overtime patterns to work and manage extra duty time.
  • Track certifications, licenses, and impending expiration dates through automated alerts.
  • Increase employee engagement and retention rates that positively influence student outcomes.
  • Identify critical labor needs and find substitutes by automating the absence management process with real-time alerts and mobile applications.
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