Facilities management and maintenance companies have relied on Time Data Systems for over three decades, the same way your clients rely on you. Assessing your staffing, scheduling, and labor standards compliance requirements are paramount to the successful operation of your business.

Meeting those needs is made easier with our solutions, which include features like geotagging, geofencing, real-time notification of missed time obligations, and tracking multiple pay rates. Coordinating the availability and skills / certifications of many employees, making sure shifts are covered with the right skills in the right place at the right time, and reporting are some of the biggest issues for the facilities management and maintenance industry, and our solutions make them less challenging, allowing you to focus on providing superior service to your clients.

Top Solutions for Your Company Feature:

  • Time on task/location
  • Track travel time between locations
  • Mobile Data Collection
  • Landline (IVR) Data Collection
  • Employee messaging
  • Supply Reorder
  • Progressive disciplinary processes
  • Employee can update their availability via mobile app
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