As a government agency, you are tasked with meeting difficult challenges using limited resources and increased scrutiny, so it’s no wonder why others in your field have chosen our affordable, efficient, all-inclusive workforce management solutions. With our one system, you can manage complex district-wide employee availability and certifications / licensure, scheduling, attendance records, call-outs / unplanned absences, leave requests, overtime, and retention across multiple work locations.

Proper tracking of these helps minimize compliance risk, reduce the cost of absenteeism, consistently apply formal disciplinary action, manage extra duty time, avoid expired credentials, increase employee engagement, and identify critical labor needs. Real-time alerts and communication, as well as fully functional mobile app availability, makes Time Data Systems the right choice for you, as it has been for many government entities over the past three decades.

Top Solutions for Your Entity Feature:

  • Distribution of salaries and wages
  • After the fact determination of actual activity
  • Supervisor and Employee Approval Processes
  • Consistent impartial enforcement of meal and break rules
  • Meets or exceeds all recordkeeping requirements
  • Non-worked hours accruals
  • Progressive Disciplinary processes
  • Leave Request Management
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