A trusted partner for your long-term care workforce management makes the job much easier, and one in nine employees in the industry use our solutions. You must make sure shifts are covered with the right staff and patients are cared for, and the only way to do so is to put into place a reliable, easy-to-use, easy-to-scale system that can integrate with leading EHR solutions.

Daily patient needs and emergencies are always happening at the same time in different areas of your facility and across all company locations. You need a robust workforce management solution – and Time Data Systems has several to choose from – to keep it all running smoothly, cultivate employee engagement, and consistently increase patient satisfaction and care levels. It’s a quick and pain-free transition, that once completed, will help you meet your diverse staffing needs better, easily matching caregiver availability, skills / certifications, and specialties with open shifts whether creating the weekly coverage schedule, finding staff for requested time off, or covering call-outs or unplanned absences.

All the information needed to make those decisions will be at your fingertips in real-time, making you immediately aware of overtime, proficiencies / licenses, absence trends, and other concerns. You’ll be better able to distribute staff as necessary avoiding gaps in patient care while maintaining budgets and administrative oversight. Managers and employees can communicate in real-time to allow for real-time changes, ensuring success. For over three decades, Time Data Systems has been helping the long-term care industry manage staffing and related concerns of their organizations, while supporting patient care needs and changes.

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