Manufacturers have trusted and depended on Time Data Systems for over three decades, just as you depend on your employees. Shifts with the necessary level of employees having the proper skills means increased productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Our workforce management solutions help you clearly assess your staffing, scheduling, and labor standards compliance and union requirements, which are all vital to the successful operation of your business and employee retention and engagement.

Making sure appropriately skilled and qualified employees are available and all shifts covered used to be a complex challenge, and was made even more so by variables such as unplanned absences and changes in production commitments, which affect those needs, but our solutions have simplified the process. In addition, features like consistent and impartial enforcement of timekeeping policies and progressive disciplinary processes, notifications for approaching OT and certifications / licenses expirations, prohibited punching outside of scheduled start / stop times, auto-lunch deduct, leave request management, crew-based operations, and shift / meal / break audible alerts control are available.

Top Solutions for Your Company Feature:

  • Consistent impartial enforcement of timekeeping policies
  • Approaching OT notifications
  • Prohibit Punching outside of schedules start/stop times
  • Auto-Lunch Deduct
  • Control horns/bells for shift, meal and break notification
  • Leave Request Management
  • Crew-based operations
  • Progressive Disciplinary processes
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