The capabilities of mobile devices and the level of connectivity available for them have made these ubiquitous gadgets indispensable in our everyday lives. You can harness their power and universal use through Time Data Systems Mobile Apps! With so many employees working remotely, and that trend expected to continue, it only makes sense to get your team mobile access to their schedules and timecards with this solution that has been shown to increase employee engagement, collaboration, and recordkeeping.

Using their smartphone or tablet, managers can easily track hours worked and scheduled for off-site employees. Management doesn’t need to be tied to their desks anymore to be able to keep up with what’s going on in real time. Audited communications, geotagging, and geofencing are also benefits of using our Mobile Apps as part of your organization-wide time tracking and adherence solutions.

Top Features and Capabilities of the Mobile Apps Solution:

  • Manager and employee apps for both Apple and Android devices
  • Employee clocking with geo information available
  • Hours are distributable based on employee location
  • Mobile notification of absences and tardiness
  • Initiate call-outs from phone to fill available / vacant shifts
  • Request non-worked hours
  • Pick up, swap, and drop shifts
  • Enter missing punches for timecards
  • Approve timecards
  • Department transfers
  • Send / Leave messages
  • Ensures managers know about unplanned absences immediately (in real time)
  • Supervisors can display their entire team, then perform group-related functions (such as job changes, schedule changes, messages, and urgent alerts)
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Mobile devices are in everyone’s hands, and it’s time to make them work for your company. With Time Data Systems Mobile Apps solution, calculating employee time and processing payroll can be done anywhere, anytime, with the touch of a fingertip. Timely information means better decisions!

  • Save time and reduce the impact absences have on your organization
  • Quickly find replacement workers to cover absences / call-outs
  • Improve customer service and regulatory compliance
  • Present different options to different employees based on employee permissions you set

Time Data Systems is a family-owned business, and we are pleased to offer our Mobile Apps solution. We’ve met your unique and individual requirements with our cost-effective solutions for decades. Our tradition of unparalleled implementation, training, and support services began in 1988. We are proud to offer our Mobile Apps as the next evolutionary step in time management.